The Chromecast experience


So I in my infinite abundance of free time decided to unbox and use my new Chromecast in the hotel. Well first defect discovered in Chromecast setup. Most Hotels are Hotspot enabled now. Chromecast has an interesting setup process to say the least. The setup app creates an ad-hoc connection from you laptop or tablet to the Chromecast device for setup. This seemed work well enough. But the ad-hoc connect is used to specify the Wifi connect that Chromecast will be using. Here in-lies the issue while traveling. The App Developers did not think to include an interface option for passing Hotspot Credentials to the Wifi connection.

Google-foo has turned up various recommendations, only reasonable one is to connect a travel wifi router to the hotel wired connection. This does not seem practical for all hotel stays as you often do not get a wired connection and you are relying on the Hotspot not having appropriate MAC security (One MAC for each authenticated connection). Needless to say I will sip the kool aid a step out and get a travel wifi router and see if I can get this connected.


Other options:

Get the Hotel Tech to whitelist your Chromecast MAC (Ugh what a conversation that would be)

Share your Internet connection (OK I already feel dirty when I let my laptop connect to public wifi, now I am going to share that connection, talk about hacker brothel…)

Use your Phone Hotspot (Hmm, costly)

Will post the travel Wifi router experience later.



Asked the Hotel to whitelist my Chromecast MAC. I should have had a farsi translator helping me explain this for all the effort I went through.

The local Best Buy had its myriad of consumer grade access points but no travel wifi AP. So I went with the Linksys N300 for cost and simplicity.

15 minutes setup and I am streaming Google Music to the TV.


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